Ready to get on the investing fast track and build wealth as a couple?

Its time to start building wealth together and change your family’s legacy one dollar at a time

Let’s Build Together


Ready to get on the investing fast track and build wealth as a Couple?

Its time to start building wealth together and change your family’s legacy one dollar at a time

I’m Ready

Does this sound familiar?

  • You and your spouse don’t talk about the finances and have no plan in place.
  • You and your partner haven’t started saving for retirement and have no clue where to start.
  • You are paying back student loans, but not making a dent with your monthly payments.
  • Or maybe you feel overwhelmed by your finances and can’t seem to find the right path for you and your family?

We get it and once felt this way, too.

Learning how to manage our money is often the last thing on our mind when we are just trying to keep up with bills, keep up with our jobs, keep up with our kids…

It’s not easy to keep up on your finances when life gets in the way.

But what if we told you that you don’t just have to keep up with your money, but you can take control of your money and build the life that you want for you and your family?

  • What if you and your spouse were on the same page about money and could accomplish amazing goals together
  • What if you had a debt pay off plan in place and knew when you’d be debt free
  • What if you had a fully funded emergency fund for life’s unexpected events and didn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.
  • What if you could start prioritizing your retirement savings and not have to work well into your 60s
  • What if you could invest and have your money work hard so you don't have to  your whole life?

What if we told you this is possible for you in a matter of weeks?

We want you to experience the feeling of having total control of your money and that’s why we created a course to teach couples, just like you, how to manage money with intention so you can kickstart investing… as team.

Introducing. . .

Investing Date Night: The shortcut to fast track Investing for Couples

A course created by a couple for couples

Learn the fundamentals and tools to manage money and build wealth in 5 weeks

We have incorporated all you will need to help you manage money so that you can start investing and building wealth…together.

I’m In!

What’s in the Course

Date Night 01

Setting a Vision and Goals

Before we can get into investing, we need you and your partner to be aligned on your money and your goals. We will show you how to create a short term and long term vision and set an intention at the beginning of each new year and the method we use to plan out our goals.

Date Night 02

Budgeting, Saving and Debt Management

A strong financial foundation is the first step on your path to investing. We will show you how to budget as a couple, manage your debt and ways to save toward your goals.

Date Night 03

Investing 101: The basics

Investing isn’t as complicated as wallstreet makes it seem. We will teach you what the wealthy know about investing without the all the jargon. From types of investments to strategies that lower your tax liability and how to invest for your children.

Date Night 04

How to invest the passive way

We will teach you an easy straightforward method of investing, how to build an investment portfolio and how to open a brokerage account and select investments step by step. You will learn how millionaires are created during a recession.

Date Night 05

Putting it all together

Now that you have learned the fundamentals investing, we will teach you how to automate your investments so that your money works harder for you.


Lifetime Access to Recordings

Unlimited email support, vision & goal template, money date night checklist, debt tracker, budgeting template, networth worksheet, and more!


30 Minute Coaching Session with Anjie & RJ

Private 1-1 session to ask us anything regarding money and marriage!

Payment Plans Available

2 Payments


($5,688 Value)

  • 6 Hours of LIVE training 
  • Lifetime access to recorded videos 
  • 30 Minute Coaching Session 
  • Unlimited email support
  • Budgeting templates, net worth worksheets, and more!

1 Payment


($5,688 Value)

  • 6 Hours of LIVE training 
  • Lifetime access to recorded videos 
  • 30 Minute Coaching Session 
  • Unlimited email support
  • Budgeting templates, net worth worksheets, and more!

Who this course is for:

  • Couples who want get on the same page about money and build a financial foundation
  • Couples who want to invest, but don’t know where to start
  • Couple’s that are feeling burdened by debt and don’t have a debt payoff plan
  • Couple’s who feel intimidated by investing but want to make their money work for them

Who this Course is Not For:

  • Couples who don’t want to align on the money vision and money goals
  • Couple’s that want to get rich overnight
  • Couples that are looking to day-trade to build wealth
Let’s Do This


We’re Anjie & RJ a millennial, married couple.

As children, we both saw our parents argue about money…a lot. We didn’t realize the impact of witnessing our parent’s struggles with money until we saw that trauma carry over into our own relationship.

We noticed this early on when we didn’t want to discuss money even though we were planning on building a life together. It wasn’t until we reached a breaking point in 2012 when RJ couldn’t afford to take care of himself post college because of his $1400 student loan payments.

We knew then that something had to change, and that was us. Shortly after, we started communicating about money and our goals together, we soon got educated about money as a team and sought out resources to help us on our journey. RJ even became a Financial advisor and Certified Financial Planner. We both started paying off our individual debts like our cars and credit cards until we were both left with just our student loans.

When we got married in 2017, we didn't want money issues to be the source of conflict in our marriage, like it was for our parents, but more importantly we didn’t want our future children to experience the money struggles we did in our childhood.

The day after we got back from our honeymoon in St. Lucia, we decided to take action and created a plan to eliminate our combined $123K of student loan debt for good and not allow it to become an anchor in our union.

After mapping out our plan, we initially thought it would take nearly 4 years to pay off in full, but to our surprise, we knocked out all our student loan debt in 1 year!


Because we were aligned and working toward the same goal with intention.

Growing up in the inner city and being first generation american, we believed that paying bills on time, making the minimum payments on our debts and maintaining a decent job was enough to secure the American dream.

Building wealth and achieving financial freedom never crossed our mind, because we didn't believe it was possible for us.

As we got more educated about money, we learned that most millionaires don’t look like the people we see on TV. They don’t wear designer clothes, drive exotic cars or live in big mansions. But the truly wealthy, are everyday people like you and me.

This revelation made building wealth feel attainable to us. We didn’t want to be wealthy just for the sake of it. We know money isn’t everything, but one thing we learned about money on our journey is that money gives you options.

And what we wanted more than anything was to have options for our family.

Options like…

  • Quitting a job that was draining and no longer served us
  • Being able to relocate with our young daughter and live in a safe area
  • Making a career change to a totally new industry for something fresh and new

These are just a few of the options gaining control of our money and building wealth has afforded us.  Options, unfortunately our parents didn’t have.

Now today, we have paid off 6-figures of debt and are on track to be millionaires before the age of 40.

The truth is, we aren’t unique, building wealth as a team is possible for you, too.

In fact, we have made it our life’s mission to empower couples to take control of their money to live life on their terms. 

We want to show couples like you how to build wealth so that you can also create options for your family.

and we have the credentials and experience to do just that…

RJ is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and holds an MBA in Financial Planning. He has over a decade of experience in financial services at the nation’s top wall street firms where he has helped countless couples and their families build, sustain, and protect their wealth. Anjie is a former graduate level professor and Certified Financial Education Instructor. She has worked with students and families to create budgets and debt pay off plans to get their money under control.

Let’s Do This

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Kind Words

Helping you and your family manage money with intention is our mission…and we are happy to walk this journey with you and your spouse.

Here to serve you,

Anjie & RJ

Disclaimer: Any information presented on our website, social media platforms, podcast, webinars and in our course is for educational purposes only, this is not investment advice.

Additionally, none of the content on this page, our websites, social media platforms, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results. Investing is risky, results are not guaranteed, always use cautions when making investment decisions. We encourage you to discuss all investment decisions with a practicing professional financial advisor, lawyer, and accountant.